Wi-Fi Experience
Monitoring tool

Tool which allows you to stay on top of outages and performance issues.
Provides in-depth, detailed visibility from end-user perspective
hence protecting your business and company reputation

Our Solution



Kubicon Dashboard

A Single Pane Of Glass for overall Wi-Fi end-to-end client experience monitoring.
Our simplified dashboard gives enhanced visibility into complete, real-time and historic user performance, enabling proactive and efficient troubleshooting before end clients are affected!


Overall client experience score based on
Wireless, Network Services, and
Application performance


Detailed and executive tailor-fit historical
reports for further analysis


Automated, proactive notifications which enables
corrective action to be taken prior to any
major failure in the network


Higly secure, cloud infrastructure that
provides services and support 24/7

Kubicon Sensor

A versatile orchestration engine which provides insight from end-user perspective
by mimicking human behavior.


Hardware based on well known, proven and
good quality platform


Latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit
Ethernet modules


Plug and play deployment with
intuitive and easily understandable
installation procedures


Easy to mount on various types of
surfaces and environments

Technical Overview

Our solution monitors number of important factors from wireless end user perspective

Based on collected values it calculates overall Wi-Fi client experience score and SLAs
All metrics are available in real-time on cloud dashboard or on demand in form of historical reports


  1. Signal Strength
  2. Bitrate
  3. Packet retries
  4. MCS Rates
  5. Channel width

Network Services

  1. DHCP Responsivness
  2. DHCP IP Address allocation
  3. DNS Performance
  4. Upload Bandwidth
  5. Download Bandwidth
  6. Captive Portal Performance
  7. Dropbox Performance
  8. ICMP reachability


  1. Web Based Apps
  2. Customized Apps
  3. Business Critical Apps
  4. YouTube Video

Smart Notifications

Kubicon main principals are simplicity and visibility

With a goal of increasing operational efficiency of customers IT teams and help maintaining desired level of Wi-Fi service usability, we are constantly inventing and developing new intelligent alerts to decrease time spent on troubleshooting and proactively alert you about possible network performance problems and impact that your Wi-Fi users could start experiencing

Infrastructure related

SSID down/missing beacon

Authentication failed (Captive portal, 802.x, PSK)

DNS not reachable / doesn’t resolve queries

DHCP unreachable / failed to allocate IP address

Frequency changes

Roaming events

Service related

Internet bandwidth below expectations

Captive portal not reachable

Captive portal loading time is below expectations

Service performance are under desired thresholds

YuTube video loading time below expectations

No internet access

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